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Digimon EX06

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The Seven Great Demon Lords and the Three Archangels Assemble!

The Seven Great Demon Lords, including Barbamon, which makes its first appearance in the Digimon Card Game, join the game with new text, making it possible to build "The Seven Great Demon Lords deck" at last!
In addition, a long awaited Digimon will make its first appearance as the finisher of the Seven Great Demon Lords deck, which will surely become a popular lineup along with BT13's Royal Knights deck!

The Three Archangels, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon are now available as ACE cards!

Also, the long-awaited Domini,on will be included, making it possible to build "The Three Archangels deck", greatly enhancing the existing Archangel deck!

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